Rhumboogie – strange name, incredible music.

Without so much as an introduction, Rhumboogie explode out of the gates at a frightening pace and don’t let up for a good hour and a half.

It’s a known fact that, like cheese, blues musicians get better with age*. These four performers are about as polished a blues act as you are likely to see, each musician having an absolute command of their instrument in an almost prodigious way. From bass line driven numbers that thunder along at breakneck speed, to slow soulful tunes, these cool cats are entertaining to the end. Put simply, these four guys are doing what they were born to do, and it’s an absolute pleasure to watch.

These guys play for 90 minutes, not 180 as advertised. You do, however get a rockin’ 94 minute double album free with your ticket, which makes this show an absolute bargain!

Highly recommended.

Kryztoff Rating: 4.5K

* Kryztoff cannot be held legally responsible for any sickness that may occur from eating old cheese. Always check the expiry date.

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