Fringe 2018: Betty Grumble: Love and Anger – 4.5K, GOUD


How to describe Betty Grumble: Love and Anger?

Here’s a few buzzwords: controversial, inspiring, confronting, hilarious, thought-provoking, sexual, opinionated, and unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Betty is inspired by Valerie Solanis’ Scum Manifesto, and weaves her way through cabaret, poetry, comedy, and even art. Not for the faint-of-heart, you’ll see every inch of Betty’s body (and then some) as she uses her body to discuss feminist, queer, and political issues of our time.

With an impressive voice, a very intelligent mind, a wicked sense of humour, and stories with tonnes of heart, Betty will make you laugh, challenge you, and definitely shock you.

Beware: do not attend this show if you are averse to nudity. There’s plenty of it. You’ll even take home a “Pussy Print” to prove it (be sure to get it signed afterwards!)

Kryztoff rating: 4.5K

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