by Riccardo Barone


“It’s so quiet here in Adelaide, isn’t it?”
It could be quite quiet, but the audience needs to find quietly, peacefully the right connection with the Artist on the stage.

A well refined country blues atmosphere, a warm nostalgic voice coming from the past accompanied by her acoustic guitar, bass, another guitar, piano, drums is capturing everyone’s breath in the Festival Centre’s Dunstan Playhouse. Madeleine Peyroux with her jazzy’ n’ folky stories is fascinating the audience which can’t contain at the end of the performance all the joy and the  appreciation that has been progressively quietly growing up.

The pianist also steals attention with his solos and his style. On the top of his electric piano: a diamonica. It’s just surprising to hear this timber out of the blue, being such a gift and a discovering. It is a neglected and an undervalued instrument which finds here its expressivity and presence.

Tradition and innovation had been reached here with success breezed through poetry and sentimentalism.

Kryztoff rating: 3.5


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