Fringe Review – Cull – RCC 4K


Social media is ever present and ever at hand in the 21st century and Patrick Durnan Silva and Honor Wolff from The Very Good Looking Initiative bring this right to the front of mind.

Two good friends, deciding that their social media presence is overwhelming decide to cull some of their activities. As the show progresses the audience sees more and more intense dissection of online habits and content. The duo bring a fun and engaging dialogue to stage, incorporating classic comedy, song and dance to great effect.

With pop culture and media references that are on point, the duo dazzle and dance their way through the show. Combining painful (and hilarious) awkward silences with dazzling song and dance, Cull is a perfect medium for both Durnan Silva and Wolff.

If you’re after a show to make you get off your phone, you’ve found it! Cull is a great show, definitely one ready for gen y’s.


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