Fringe Review – Anteworld – Holden St Theatres 4K

Anteworld is a unique and interesting play. A new work from Adelaide playwright, Mark Tripodi. The play focusses on the separation of Eurydice and Orpheus. Eurydice remains in Hades with Persephone, deciding whether it’s best to risk returning to her lover.

A dark and intriguing play which demonstrates not only the playwrights enjoyment of Greek Mythology but also his understanding of the human/demigod psyche. The writing is clear, sharp and pertinent.

The three performers are well suited and act marvellously on stage. Each commanding an entirely new and versatile persona. Persephone is cloudy and distant, all knowing and clearly manipulative. She commanded the stage, just as she would command the room in Hades. Fantastic performances by the other two, but Persephone was the star.

A wonderfully well written play exploring an often overlooked story in Mythology.

Anteworld has a short run, so I strongly encourage you to go and see it while you can!

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