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FRINGE THEATRE – The Loneliest Woman – Star Theatres – Star Theatre Two – 4K

By Fiona Talbot – Leigh Local playwright Peter Maddern draws on the exploits and adventures of Sir George Hubert Wilkins, an Australian explorer who in 1931 made an unsuccessful attempt to travel under arctic ice in a submarine. The play takes place mainly in the Wilkins home with the audience being privy to dialogue exchanged …

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Arthur Hardy: The Forgotten Hero Of The Hills – 5K

by Riccardo Barone Did Adelaide forget one of its most prominent and fundamental figures of the 19th century? A man, migrated from Yorkshire (England), barrister, business man and maecenas: the Mount Lofty House has reasons to exist thanks to Arthur Hardy, its builder. we could go further listing all the important contributions this man gave …

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by Riccardo Barone A simple soldier. An Aussie soldier. No, not really a soldier, one of them, Commandos, one man army. Not really. Let’s start again: a  young mankind, a “chocolate soldier”, butcher meat, hero with no glory, someone who tried to be a soldier. What could have been the daily life of a soldier …

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Kokoda – by Peter Maddern – Star Theatres – 2017 – 4K

By Tom Eckert Wandering into the Star Theatre’s space, one is struck by the closeness of the venue. An opera theater on a micro scale, and surprisingly well suited to a one man play. Kokoda follows the experience of one Private Morris Powell (played by Todd Gray) as he lives through the trials of the …

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CROWD Theory Adelaide – Victoria Square / Tarntanyangga – Samstag Art Museum – 4K

Done for the first time by Terrill in three panels, Crowd Theory Adelaide is, if nothing else, a terrific, stunning capture of Adelaide in 2013, one that will stand the test of time. 4K

THE INTERVIEWS 2013 – By Kryztoff

Throughout the year, Kryztoff interviews various performers, artists and commentators. This blog page now brings them all together, with the most recent posted first. Enjoy.


Future Music 2013 – Kryztoff posts more images than any other media – so check their work out with links here.


By genre, the biggest increase in the Fringe over the past two years is unquestionably Comedy, with Show numbers up a huge 75%, accounting for over 60% of the entire growth in the Fringe over that time. Comedy now accounts for just over 50% of all Shows.

FESTIVAL – Thursday – Norwood Concert Hall – Til 16 March – 4.5K

For top flight theatre, there will be few other productions that will come close to Thursday – anytime, anywhere – in Adelaide this year. 4.5K

SA-175 Snap Shots of our State – How To Buy

Last year, 2011, was the 175th year of European settlement of South Australia. SA-175 Snap Shots of our State is a brilliant editorial and pictorial review of that year by local photographer and writer, Peter Maddern. Check post for details on book and where to buy.