An evocative, haunting multimedia performance incorporating spoken word, visual imagery and music, “Fairweather” is based on the life and work of the enigmatic artist Ian Fairweather.

Composer Erik Griswold, artist Glen Henderson, and poet/narrator Rodney Hall have come together to present his story in a way that reflects Fairweather’s paintings : their multi-layered nature, rhythm and repetition, and the restricted tonal palette that he used.

The music, performed by the Zephyr Quartet and by koto/bass koto virtuoso Satsuki Odamura, along with the visual imagery incorporating many layers of photographs, drawings and paintings, and the text drawn from Fairweather’s own writing work beautifully together in this presentation of the extraordinary stories of this complex artist’s life.

Hopefully there will be other opportunities for the public to see this remarkable work which was first aired at the Brisbane Festival in 2013.

Space Theatre

Saturday 23 Sept 2017

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