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An evocative, haunting multimedia performance incorporating spoken word, visual imagery and music, “Fairweather” is based on the life and work of the enigmatic artist Ian Fairweather. Composer Erik Griswold, artist Glen Henderson, and poet/narrator Rodney Hall have come together to present his story in a way that reflects Fairweather’s paintings : their multi-layered nature, rhythm …

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THEATRE – Le Noir – Festival Theatre – Til May 2 – 4K

It is doubtful circus has ever been this daring and sensual with Le Noir rather more thrilling than its title may suggest. 4K

CABARET: Vandemonian Lags – Festival Theatre – 4.5K

An impressive group of Australian performers has been gathered by writer and songwriter, Mick Thomas, to tell the story of the Vandemonian Lags – the almost seventy thousand men and women transported to Tasmania to serve out sentences for convictions ranging from minor theft through to murder. In this incarnation of the show, we heard …

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Adelaide Cabaret Festival – Kristin Chenoweth – Festival Theatre

I knew pretty early on in the show that the pint-sized star of stage and screen would blow my socks off. Despite standing a mere 4 foot 11, Kristin Chenoweth owned the stage within seconds of stalking onto it in a tiny dress and enormous heels. Known to most as the ‘Good Witch’ Glinda from …

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