Sometimes confronting and often hilarious, the super-talented Killjoys have brought their joyous burlesque-cabaret-circus-rock show to the Adelaide Fringe.

On their opening night on Tuesday, despite having to deal with injured muscles and broken shoes, they gave a wonderful performance in front of a very appreciative and engaged audience.
Presented almost as a series of variety sketches featuring dance, song, acrobatics and piñatas, the clever use of humour and outrageously imaginative costumes helped them deliver a strong feminist message without seeming preachy.
Tender moments were provided by a lovely rendition of the folk tale of the Little Match Girl (involving fire twirling), and by an acrobatic performance portraying the ups and downs of a relationship. And I have to admit that, caught up in the evening’s action, I didn’t see the brilliant punchline coming.

Waiting in line to enter the tent I was amused by the conversation between the two men behind me who were discussing their relationship woes and the unfathomable nature of women’s behaviour. I wondered if they had any idea of what awaited them. Occasionally I snuck a look in their direction and noticed that they seemed to enjoy it immensely. Hopefully it helped.

Note: this show contains sexual themes and some nudity.

Featuring Amy Broomstick, Cat Scobie and scientist-turned-aerialist Mahla Bird supported by the Killjoy band consisting of Zak Pidd, Rin McArdle and Jade Stevens.

Empyrean at Gluttony
Until March 18th

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