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Mar 02

FRINGE 2017 – Baby Got Back – Spiegel Zelt at Gluttony – 4K

Like its stars, this show delivers exactly what it promises in the blurb, and then some – flesh, profanity, hilarity, sex and nudity. Lots and lots of nudity. Led by hilarious MC Memphis Mae, who enlisted the help of the audience to “make her ass famous”, the all-girl troupe took us on a celebration of all things debaucherous and sexy, ranging …

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Feb 24

FRINGE 2017:A Burlesque Show: Badlands – The Governor Hindmarsh – 3K


By Tom Eckert A dystopic vision of a derelict post apocalyptic world. Badlands brings burlesque to sustainability, environmental catastrophe and what’s going to happen if we screw it all up. Camp comedy from sympathetically vitriolic MC creates a pleasantly jarring contrast with the images of environmental ruin that pervade the show and helps make otherwise …

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Jun 25

The Adelaide Cabaret Festival – 2016 – The Birds – The Space Theatre – 3K


By Tom Eckert To walk into The Space Theatre occupied by The Birds is to feel like you are walking into the dimly like smoke halls of burlesque past. Women lounge lasciviously around the hall awaiting you to take your seat. From the outset this takes the form of a typical burlesque show. Each individual …

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Feb 20

Fringe 2016 – Burlesque Idol – Nexus Arts Theatre – 4K

It’s not often you’ll see a burlesque Dr Who performance – or for that matter a feather dance. But Burlesque Idol brought us all this and much more. Technically the performance was excellent – each participant had to apply and be accepted into the Adelaide heat. The audience was given a phenomenal show with laughs, …

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Mar 13

Fringe 2015 – BAZINGA! Nerdlesque Nights – Nexus Cabaret – 4.5K

By Tom Eckert From the outset it is apparent that sex clearly sells. The venue, not small by any means was packed; with some of the unfortunately late punters relegated standing room by the back of the bar. Bazinga! Is the perfect example of a show finding its niche. Everyone in the room was clearly …

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Mar 04

FRINGE 2013 – The Big Band Burlesque Show – Nexus Cabaret – 4K

by Alana Massalsky If you’re a woman you’ll lust after the costumes, if you’re a man you’ll just lust.  This is burlesque. Everything you’d expect of the art form was present and correct:  curvaceous confident women, booty and booby shimmying, a good deal of corsets and sequins, tassels and feathers, and choreography designed to tease …

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Feb 13

FRINGE – The Wau Wau Sisters – Spielgeltent – 2.5K

This was meant to be a new show but it was hard to tell given how old and routine the material was. While the gymnastics were okay, not much else had polish. 2.5K

Dec 21

RAW: Film – Burlesque 3.5K

‘Burlesque’ is not a life changing movie but it does provide a pleasant two hour distraction and is light-hearted holiday viewing that doesn’t require too much brain power. 3K