FRINGE 2019 – The Best of Edinburgh Comedy – The Bunka @ The Austral – 3.5K

The Adelaide Fringe is the one of the biggest arts festivals in the world… second only to Edinburgh. So it seems only natural for some of Edinburgh’s best comedians to flock to Adelaide and show off their talents.

And with such large festivals, sometimes it’s hard to know who to see. Maybe you only have time to see one show this year – how do you get your money’s worth?

Hosted by Darius Davies, the Best of Edinburgh is a showcase of three comedians straight out of Scotland. It’s a great taster for those who can’t decide what to see, and a show to chill out to on any night of the week.

Thursday night featured Chris Henry, Susie McCabe and Leo Kearse.

Chris Henry was a great way to start the night. He was chatty and charming – as a regular visitor to Adelaide, he certainly had the audience leaning over and whispering to each other, “ugh that is so me!”

Susie McCabe is an effective storyteller who spoke about living life as a lesbian woman in a Catholic Scottish family. Her stories were charming but I would have loved to have more time to warm up to her.

Leo Kearse seems to march to the beat of his own drum. He’s commanding and comfortable that his jokes will hit – and of course they do. A great way to end the night. Has anyone ever told him how tall he is?

Host Darius Davies’ aggressive, audience-attacking brand of humour was thoroughly enjoyable. No one is safe from his wrath – not even in the second row! 

If you love comedy but hate commitment, this is the show for you. With four comedians giving it their all, you’re bound to see something you like.

Don’t go to the show if you hate profanity, or comedians asking what you do for a living. There’s plenty of both.

The Best of Edinburgh Comedy is on every night until March 17. Buy a beer and head on up to the Bunka at the Austral to check it out. 


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