FRINGE CIRCUS & PHYSICAL THEATRE – Back Left – Tandanya Theatre, Adelaide – 3K

By Alisha Dyer

Forget what you think you know about this act, let go of any expectations and treat it as a “lucky dip” Fringe show. The Back Left Project was conceived by a duo, as a duo act, but has arrived in Adelaide a solo performance. It is obvious that some of the original magic has died, but what is left is still to be admired.

Back Left is presented by Ezra LeBank, Professor and Head of Movement at California State University Long Beach. He is extremely honest and humble in his presentation of what could have been and what exists here and now.

Have you ever been lost in an idea? Or swept away by love? Taken away in a bubble that lifts you so high it seems nothing can ever bring you down.. only to have it all end in an instant? The bubble bursts and you are left standing in a puddle of broken dreams.

Do you wallow in sadness? Pretend it never happened? Or do you pick up the pieces and try again? Ezra has chosen the latter, incorporating pieces of the original dream with new ideas and presenting them as a new experiment. The juxtaposition of the original idea (captured in its infancy on film) with the reenactment by Ezra on stage is inspiring.

If you’re up for some experimental and improvisational theatre, and in favour of supporting a man who is brave enough to carry on alone after heartache, you can meet Ezra this Fringe season Live from Tandanya.

Kryztoff Rating 3K

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