FRINGE 2019: Dolly Diamond’s Blankety Blanks – 3K – Gluttony

Dolly Diamond is your host as you enter the May Wirth in Gluttony and prepare to play – or, to watch others play – Blankety Blanks.

That is the basic premise of the show, but throw in a panel of Fringe celebrity judges (artists, staff, venue managers, etc.) and a couple of unsuspecting audience members and you’ve got a game on your hands. Dolly reads out a saying – famous or otherwise – and it’s up to the panel to fill in the blank. If they have a match with the audience participant, they win the point.

Dolly Diamond is a great host, bringing energy and life to the stage. She knows how to work a crowd and does it expertly.

However, the premise itself wears a little thin after the first two or so rounds. Moving through the rounds quicker would have helped here – the pace does wear the audience down a little and after a  while your mind starts to wander. Another thing that grated was that many of the participants repeated answers for all questions, and this also wore thin and just wasn’t entertaining – perhaps they should have been briefed beforehand to write a different answer each time.

This is a good premise, with a great host, but needs a little development in order to keep the audience engaged throughout the whole show.

Kryztoff Rating: 3K

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