FRINGE 2019 – “VIVIR” Flamenco Guitar and Dance – 5K

by Riccardo Barone

La vida y la muerte. Rooted in the South of Spain, the Art of Flamenco is an ancient tradition started by the Gypsies in the South of Spain contrasting the classical tradition already present in the North. Let’s not forget when Manuel de Falla asked for help from Joaquin Turina, in order to have his music published, but the positive answer came only after he demonstrated to compose music deeply connected to the Flamenco.

Raul Mannola establishes a deep connection between the past and the present becoming spokesman for all the instrumental Flamenco treasure, result of years of sacrifice, dedication, belief, keeping in mind to serve the Arts using the power of an impressive virtuoso technique to enrich the world. Memorable and remarkable is his performance of John McLaughlin’s Lotus Feet as well as all the pieces in Soleá and Seguiriya Flamenco styles.

Aylin Eleonora with her majestic dance guides the hypnotized audience through unbelievable precision, speed, incarnation and materialization of ancient secrets whispered in the ears of time by her body rhythm.

The duo Eleonora-Mannola enriches our world from fifteen years with rapture and brilliant synergy becoming manifestation of pure knowledge and heritage.

Kryztoff rating: 5k

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