Fringe Theatre – No.33 – nthspace Gallery – 3.5K









By Belle Dunning

No.33 is an interactive and immersive theatre and multimedia experience that explores a family’s experience of mental health through several generations of women. 

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the Garden, Gluttony and RCC, No.33 is showing in a small, quiet gallery space in the west end. Upon entering you are asked to remove your shoes and invited to write a note to a strong woman in your life to leave at the entrance. This sets the scene for the self-reflection and observation that is to follow. Through film, live acting and interaction with the set around you, a story about a family of women and their experiences slowly unfolds.

Produced and directed by Brigitte Jarvis and Ru Atma of RAWcollective in collaboration with a number of artists, No.33 is creative, confronting and unexpected. The timeline and relationships between characters did get a little confusing throughout the performance and I left without a clear idea of what the show was trying to convey. But on reflection, I think the point was simply to share those women’s stories, those moments in time and personal experiences, and to let the viewer make of it what they will.

No.33 is a unique cross-artform experience that embodies the essence of Adelaide Fringe – creativity and experimentation outside the boundaries of ordinary theatre. It is showing for the rest of this week, with lunchtime and evening shows most days.

Kryztoff Rating 3.5K

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