Fringe Circus & Physical Theatre – Blanc de Blanc Encore – Fortuna Spiegeltent @ GOUD – 5K

By Belle Dunning

Blanc de Blanc — its reputation precedes it. If you’ve seen this show before, it can be hard to describe exactly what goes on…cabaret, circus, burlesque, champagne. It’s extravagant, hedonistic and unlike anything else at the Fringe. 

Back for more in 2020, Strut and Fret Production House bring ‘Blanc de Blanc Encore’ — the evolution of their highly successful original show — to the Garden for its debut season. For two hours you get to escape the daily grind of your working week and immerse yourself in a world straight out of 1920s Paris. Pulsating music sets the backdrop for polished choreography and circus acts — with a little comic relief (and a lot of double entendres) from your two French hosts, Remi and Felix, in between. The chemistry between the cast is genuine, and the standard of performance high. The cortortionism and aerial acts were unique and utterly breathtaking, with performers suspended above the audience bringing a new dimension to the show. Local performer Melanie Hawkins was a standout in the international cast and embodied that distinctive Blanc de Blanc flair.

Blanc de Blanc Encore offers you a glimpse into a different time, when entertainment was live and raw, and captured all of your senses. A world of cabaret, burlesque and speakeasy clubs —extravagant and raunchy, but still classy. The type of show that you can only see during the Fringe.

If you don’t mind a little risqué humour and audience participation, this is a night you won’t forget!

Blanc de Blanc Encore will capture your imagination and leave you wanting more. You can catch it  at the Garden almost every night until the end of Fringe.

Kryztoff Rating 5K

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