Fringe 2020 – Daniel Connell – Cheers Big Ears – 3.5k

By Riccardo Barone

“When you go shopping, what’s in others baskets? In one of them there was chicken breast, mars bars and a lub.” I am not going to write here the rest… (wink).
Daniel Connell works hard on his comedy show with inspirational improvisations and solid ideas at the base.
Hilarious is the reading of his will, with unexpected surprises.
Facts, observations and dissertations from everyday life reach the summit in this sarcastic, pungent show.
The interaction with the audience works really well, but in a very politely way. We’ve seen lots of comedians really going out of their way when they interact with it, and often becoming “too invasive with their jokes” (not my opinion).
The Piglet is a nice place to be spending an hour between good company and good humor.

Kryztoff  rating : 3.5K

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