ADLFRINGE2021 – Faulty Towers The Dining Experience – Adelaide Oval Pavilion – 5K

Faulty Towers: The Dining Experience is exactly as the name implies: Based on the classic British TV series, this immersive show aims to pull you through the television screen and into the chaotic life of Basil, Sybil and Manuel as they run their tired old hotel.

As someone who has watched Fawlty Towers a million times and seen this live show before, I was interested to see how it had grown and changed over the years.

The Performance

As a fan, it’s always a concern that impressions of beloved characters could be cringe-worthy or cheesy, but this is not the case at all. The trio has perfected the quirks and mannerisms of these beloved characters. Even their voices are pretty spot-on – everything from Basil’s grumble to Sybil’s laugh seems to hit just right.

As you walk in the door, you’re immediately immersed in the chaos as you’re shown to your seats. The ensemble has an excellent way of balancing out Basil’s sour attitude with Sybil’s motherly nature and Manuel’s idiocy.  Basil might scold you for wearing a Pokemon jacket while Sybil snaps at him to relax and tells you about her upcoming golf trip. In the background, the incompetent Manuel rolls on his plate, rather than serving bread rolls.  The show is improvised with little nods to the original TV series in a way that makes you feel nostalgic without feeling like you’ve seen it all before.

The Food

As a dining experience, it’s probably worth mentioning the food. The original venue I attended years ago had enjoyable food, but nothing memorable. This time, however, the food was absolutely delicious… especially the sweet potato and ginger soup, which I am still dreaming about 24 hours later. To experience such a great show with a three-course meal of such high quality is absolutely worth the ticket price.

The Venue

The Adelaide Oval Pavilion seemed to be a major upgrade from the hotel venue I had originally attended all those years ago. Located in Adelaide, the venue is just far enough out of the city that traffic during Fringe time wasn’t an impossible nightmare to navigate.

But the one venue drawback is that it really needed better signage. In searching for the Pavilion, my partner and I formed a camaraderie with fellow event-goers as we timidly searched for the space within the walls of the Adelaide Oval. It was confusing and a little frustrating, especially since I had worn uncomfortable new shoes. This was not the artists’ fault, of course – they had apparently requested signage that Adelaide Oval did not provide, and the artists did not choose my shoes. But it is certainly worth mentioning that if you, like me, had never been to this venue before, to come a bit early so you can comfortably park and make the trek around the oval while you figure out where the hell you’re supposed to go.


Whether or not you’re a fan of the original series, this dining experience is absolutely worth your time. Get your tickets, sit back, relax and enjoy being served by the best worst hospitality staff Adelaide has ever seen.



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