ADLFRINGE2021 – Bubble Show with Mini Milkshake – The Flamingo @ Gluttony – 4.5K

Taking in a Fringe show with two kids on a Saturday morning is a task for only the bravest of parents or caregivers. Anybody who has ever tried it will surely agree with me, and I can’t have been the only adult in the long queue at The Flamingo feeling the same as me.

Nonetheless, the atmosphere of excitement for the Bubble Show with Mini Milkshake was high – and deservedly so. The plot of the show is simple but sweet: a man makes beautiful bubbles in all kinds of amazing variations, set against the backdrop of stunning music, and plays with his little ragdoll – who suddenly comes to life in all her mischievous, bubble-creating glory, much to her creator’s shock.

The plot wonderfully allows the bubble-masters to display their sheer wizardry, which is nothing short of breathtaking – featuring huge bubbles, tiny bubbles, moving bubbles, bubble juggling, silhouette-trickery and even smoke-filled bubbles. I’m honestly still trying to figure out how they achieved such trickery.

The show is probably most appropriate for kids between the ages of 18 months to 8 years, although it is certainly still entertaining for all ages.

If you want to see something unusual and spectacular with your young kids, you can’t go wrong with this show.


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