FRINGE 2021: Karen from Finance is Out of Office – Gluttony – 5K

I’ll just come out and say it from the start: this is drag at its finest. This is pure entertainment. This is Karen from Finance.

One of Australia’s most beloved drag queens returns to Adelaide Fringe for the first time in years in her solo show. Karen from Finance has accrued 4 months worth of annual leave – primarily due to never having a day off in her entire illustrious career – and the boss is forcing her to take time off. One hilarious (four month long) bender later and she and her best friend Clippy (yes, Clippy of Microsoft Office fame) are stranded here, trying to get to Melbourne in time for her first day back.

This one-hour, one-woman effort is filled with more laughs, lip syncing, and wigs than you can poke a COVID-safe 1.5m long stick at. Karen from Finance more than holds the audience’s attention with big numbers and clever little ploys (including a sneaky trick to get more social media followers – and yes, I followed). This is quintessential drag but with a relatable and very Aussie edge.

If you need a good time this Fringe, look no further than Australia’s own Queen of Corporate.

Kryztoff rating: 5K

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