Fringe 2021 – Wine Bluffs – Decanted – The Chamber at THE QUEENS – 3K

Are you a giant wine snob? Do you keep your vino “off-site”? Do you decant every drop of liquid that comes into your possession? Do you know someone who fits that description? If so, maybe Wine Bluffs – Decanted is for you.

Join ‘Wine Bluffs’ Damian Callinan and Paul Calleja on a journey across Europe, throwing around high-class dad jokes and mini skits about South Australia’s signature grog.

This show is definitely for the Cab Savvy. As an Adelaide gal in her late 20s, I love a good drop but couldn’t talk about grape varieties, and would give you a polite but confused smile if you bragged about your bottle of 2006 Grange. Because of this, many wine snob jokes went over my head while others around me roared with laughter.

These boys know their audience and play to them well. For this reason, I would certainly recommend this show if you’re a self-confessed wine wanker. On the other hand, if you’re like me and pretend to be interested in the wine list but end up ordering the second cheapest bottle (third-cheapest if you’re celebrating!) this show might not be perfect for you. But hey, if your winethusiast friend wants to go, there will be some cute jokes here and there to enjoy.


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