FRINGE: Live On Air With Poet Laureate Telia Nevile – Comedy – Tuxedo Cat – 4.5K

From a bedroom in her comfortable suburban home, Telia Nevile has gone live to air, bringing her particular brand of witty prose to the masses in the only way she can – via pirate radio. For 40 minutes she entertains with a variety of segments, each unique, hilarious, and showing off her skill as both a wordsmith and a performer.

There are nods to various musical genres throughout, with backing tracks, streamed live from Telia’s iPhone, adding an extra element to the show which prevented the pieces from feeling staid or repetitive. Her original poems, on topics such as the correct use of apostrophes and what it’s like to be a deep thinker, kept the audience in constant laughter. The ’80s love song ode that is ‘Love, La-ove, Love, La-ove, La La La La La Love’ was also inspired and riotously funny.

Story Corner, took TV’s West Wing in an interesting new direction, which had the audience – both WW fans and novices alike – losing it. This segment suggests that if the whole poet laureate thing doesn’t work out for Telia, she could certainly have a future writing for Mills & Boon. However, that would be selling her talent short. The writing exhibited in this show is top notch: eloquent, funny, clever and relatable. As a performer she captures a nice blend of affableness and joy, mixed in with just a dash of crazy, which makes her likable and amusing.

Fans of grammar, punctuation, and the correct and effective use of the English language rejoice! Telia Nevile is here to get the message out there that words are beautiful, poetry is great, and you don’t have to be the drug addled, depressed, child of divorced alcoholic parents to make quality art.

Kryztoff rating: 4.5K

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