FRINGE – Signed, Sealed, Delivered – Nexus – 3.5K

By Ben Nielsen

Aurora’s 2012 Adelaide Fringe show Signed, Sealed, Delivered is based on the love letter, and the tumultuous nature of romance.

The diverse program comprises songs that showcase the ensemble’s versatility, with pieces ranging from music theatre to pop. Beginning with the title song Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Stevie Wonder, Aurora moves from a madrigal version of a Beatles classic, to a selection of traditional choral pieces, pop and a few music theatre charts. Concluding the evening, and performed to rapturous applause, were songs by Michael Jackson and Sting.
As the ensemble traverses a range of genres so too do they illustrate the various shades of love; with narration by director Christie Anderson describing the significance of each piece. In a display of the groups’ varied skills and their intimacy with the songs, the program consists of several pieces that have been arranged or developed by individual members.

Evident from their very first song, Aurora displays an overwhelming sense of togetherness. This is reinforced by the choristers’ incredible diction, and ability to blend their varied voice tone and types.

The ensemble performs acoustically, and while balance was generally exceptional (even in the event of a solo singer); percussion instruments employed during an Adele mash-up did tend to drown both the two soloists and accompanying choir.

The loud creaking that was heard as performers moved on the wooden stage was a frequent and unwelcome distraction from the performance, as was the occasional extraneous noise produced by the sound system.

A smattering of singers perform solos during the show, giving each an opportunity to demonstrate their fine voice. Of particular note was Cassy Humble’s display of ease and confidence in The Log Driver’s Waltz. She beautifully navigated a wide vocal range and simultaneously maintained the comical characterisation of the piece. Dissapointingly, some singers seemed too timid during their solos, and did not provide a convincing performance.

Throughout the show, each singer exhibited visible enjoyment; smiling and engaging with other performers and the audience. The minimal choreography was organic and subtle. Despite a moment where parts of the choir swayed in conflicting directions, the movement only acted to compliment the singing.

Aurora’s Signed, Sealed, Delivered is a wonderful adventure into the expressive, romantic texts of love.

Kryztoff Rating    3.5K

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