FRINGE – Shakespeare’s Queens: She-wolves and serpents – 2K

By Fiona Gardener

This is not just one of Shakespeare tales, but most of them twisted together into a light comedy. The three characters on stage Rachel Ferris (Mary Queen of Scots), Kath Perry (Queen Elizabeth 1), Patrick Trumper (William Shakespeare,) re-enact a multitude of Shakespeare’s plays.

The show starts light on the ears, and allows you to enter slowly into the lingo of the time. Switching between characters with the stories, enables the characters to have a comical settings.

The baroque style dresses make the setting of the stage, as the ladies change their clothes according to the characters. Back from the dead, these roles are shared equally with these three strong performers.

If Shakespeare interests you, maybe this twist of tales would be an alternative twist for your viewing experience. At the Bakehouse Theatre be prepared to hear the road. I also thought that the show had the same level of intensity throughout, no peak of drama, as it was all drama. The actors did make you feel a part of it all, although without the highs and lows, this piece of theatre became much all the same. Just re-living one drama after another.
Kryztoff Rating   2K

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