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FRINGE 2017:A Burlesque Show: Badlands – The Governor Hindmarsh – 3K

By Tom Eckert A dystopic vision of a derelict post apocalyptic world. Badlands brings burlesque to sustainability, environmental catastrophe and what’s going to happen if we screw it all up. Camp comedy from sympathetically vitriolic MC creates a pleasantly jarring contrast with the images of environmental ruin that pervade the show and helps make otherwise …

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By Calen Vanstone   Not too many musicians can be credited for influencing numerous modern-day bands, or even be credited for the creation of a genre, and still be going strong with their own music to this day.   Page Hamilton, frontman and songwriter for alternative-metal band Helmet, is one of those few. Helmet began …

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FRINGE – Comedy Hypnosis! A World of Enchantment – The Gov – 4K

Isaac Lomman, Adelaide’s only Comedy Stage Hypnotist, takes the audience on a mesmerizing journey into a world of enchantment. Real Hypnosis with real volunteers and real good fun opening to a full house at The Gov. What makes this show so interactive is that it is based completely on audience participation. Thoroughly entertaining the audience, …

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FRINGE – The Best of the Fest Late Show at The GOV – 4K

The Gov, not quite as glam as L.A.s House of the Blues and yet not as grungy as Sydney’s Three Weeds, provided a perfect venue showcasing talent as a taster. 4K