‘Feathers’; Group Exhibition – Format Gallery – From 9th Jan

Feathers – Curated by Kat Coppock

Vera Ada, Sebastian Petrovski, Steph Fuller, Genevive Brandenburg, Elle DS, Gee Greenslade, Wes Todd, Reb Rowe, Cameron Brideoak, Dan Purvis, Caitlin Millard, Beth Millard, Artist Neto, Sam Evans, Imee Luz, Fruszi Kinez, Grace Mitchell, Andrew Humphries, Katie Lee, Alyshia Eming, Esther Nimmo, Ashley Playfair, Ryan Wakelin. 

Inspired by the phrase “Birds of a feather flock together”, ‘Feathers’ will be held at the Format Gallery Space (15 Peel St, Adelaide 5000) from the 9th January to 10th February 2013.

23 young artists’ works will be enmeshed in a giant chicken wire nest built within the gallery, physically and metaphorically supported by the audience as they weave fabric, yarn, sticks, tape, and other recycled materials into the walls.

The opportunity for young artists to showcase their work and become known in the arts sphere is a high priority of this exhibition, with experienced artists displayed on the same platform as emerging thus promoting equality in the creative sphere. The media that these artists work within will be entirely their own choice, absolving the divide between genres and treating all crafts as equal. From photography to jewellery, to illustration and sculpture, all forms of expression combine to increase awareness of local visual culture.

This exposure is furthered in an accompanying catalogue created by emerging designer Dan Purvis which  includes artist biographies and  exclusive portraits taken by photographer Genevieve Brandenburg and accompanying creative essays by Esther Nimmo and Fruszi Kinez.

The communal aspect with be emphasised with participation of the general public. After being rejected from traditional funding methods, ‘Feathers’ now relies heavily on a successful community based crowd-sourcing campaign (http://pozible.com/feathers), closing the 8th of Deecember. With donations by the public leaving their mark and generating inspiration, it is hoped that the impact of this show will spread throughout the community creating other little nests for fledgling Creatives to thrive in.

Kat Coppock is an emerging curator and visual artist; currently Visual Arts Curator for Re-New Adelaide initiative The Reading Room and a 2012 GreenRoom Advocate. This is her first large-scale un-mentored collaborative art exhibition, and a major evolutionary step in her career to date.

My first taste of exhibiting art in Adelaide was through curator Katherine Coppock, who has an unyielding desire to bring to light the work of emerging local artists. It is my belief that by supporting the exhibition ‘Feathers’, one will be supporting and giving an opportunity for professional development to a variety of emerging local artists.” -Steph Fuller; participating artist.

“Too often I hear people say that “Adelaide doesn’t have anything for artists and creatives, that’s why they all flock to Melbourne.” Well, flock that. Adelaide has plenty for everybody. By welcoming friends and naysayers to come and participate in the production of this makeshift home, maybe we can help everybody appreciate the warm nooks and crannies that are so often neglected.” -Daniel Purvis; designer and participating artist.

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