FRINGE 2013: Theatre – Bane – Tuxedo Cat – 4.5K

A mysterious man is killing the friends and acquaintances of hit man Bruce Bane. While Bane is no stranger to enemies, having found himself on the opposite side of a feud to many an unsavoury character over the years, he’s at a loss to determine who this current adversary is. As the bodies pile up though, he must press on to discover the identity of the mysterious assassin and try to avenge the deaths of those he held dearest.

The script is gold. Writer and performer Joe Bone has created a title character that is both a villain and a hero. While some of his behaviour is abhorrent you also can’t help but like him. Of course, it’s not just Bane that Bone inhabits. There are a series of other characters – most with wonderfully outrageous accents – who pop up for various periods of time. Bane declares that he takes no prisoners and it’s soon clear that this is true. My advice: don’t get too attached to any of the characters. It’s like Quentin Tarantino and Seth MacFarlane got together to create a noir theatre show; horribly gruesome deaths are mixed with hilarious one-liners, adults only scenes and childish absurdity.

Despite spending the hour in a coat that must make consciousness tricky in the Adelaide summer heat, let alone putting energy into a one man show, Bone does not falter. Every transition is smooth, every character injected with energy. In addition, he provides sound effects throughout which really add to the feel of the show. Also onstage the whole time, giving live musical accompaniment, is Ben Roe. Roe shows some impressive skills on the guitar and this really completes the experience.

These two great performers provide a fantastic evening of entertainment.

Kryztoff Rating: 4.5K

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