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FRINGE: Theatre – Confessions of a Grindr Addict – Bakehouse Theatre – 4K

Felix (Gavin Roach) has met a romantic love interest the old fashioned way (in actual real life!) for the first time in a long time, and he is counting down the hours until their first date.  He’s a little unsure of exactly how to play out this situation, given that all of his hook-ups for …

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FRINGE: Theatre – Of Dysentery and Madness: A Trapper’s Tale – Tuxedo Cat – 4K

The Trapper (Luke Lennox) is lonely. Something has happened to the rest of his party, Vic (Wil Greenway) and Jemima (Kellie Tori), and the cold nights by himself in Antarctica are getting to him. In between bouts of unconsciousness, he is visited by a range of interesting friends, including Caryn the sardonic penguin (Kathryn Langshaw), …

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FRINGE: Theatre – My One and Only – Bakehouse – 4K

Just what is the difference between true love and stalking? When you think about it, it’s really just a question of whether the other person returns your feelings. Layla (Tamara Bennetts) is 29 and newly single. Despite some clearly unresolved feelings for her ex, Ben (William Jarman), she has decided to get back into the …

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FRINGE 2013 – Homage to Uncertainty – Emma Beech – Tuxedo Cat – 3.5K

This show strongly exhibits Emma’s fine taste in tackling the very large topic of uncertainty. 3.5K

FRINGE 2013: Theatre – Bane – Tuxedo Cat – 4.5K

A mysterious man is killing the friends and acquaintances of hit man Bruce Bane. While Bane is no stranger to enemies, having found himself on the opposite side of a feud to many an unsavoury character over the years, he’s at a loss to determine who this current adversary is. As the bodies pile up …

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FRINGE 2013: Theatre – Agnes of God – Holden Street – 3K

Following the death of a baby, born to a novice nun in a convent, Dr Martha Livingstone (Nicole Rutty) is brought in by the court to ascertain whether young Sister Agnes (Michaela Burger), who claims to have no knowledge of having born the child, is sane and should face charges of murder. Agnes is a …

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FRINGE 2013: Theatre – 3 Tales of Woe – Ayers House – 2K

Shadow puppetry is not often presented nowadays and it’s nice that there are still young people out there who are taking the time to keep it going as an art form. Amber Forbes and her assistant present three tales via this medium. Each of the stories is pre-recorded with backing music added to heighten the …

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FRINGE 2013: Theatre – Raton Laveur – Bakehouse Theatre – 4K

Rodents in the roof can drive the calmest person to distraction. Lily (Wendy Bos) comes home in response to a desperate phone call from Phil (Ben Noble), who appears to have developed a rather unhealthy obsession with racoons, and soon realises that something has gone badly wrong. Together, they have to try to determine a …

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FRINGE 2013: Theatre – Choir Girl – Tuxedo Cat – 4.5K

Susan has a lovely alto voice and a life consisting almost entirely of the obsession of finding a choir to which she can contribute both her talent and her experience. She does after all, come from a long line of choristers and knows the ins and outs of choir etiquette backwards. Unfortunately, Susan’s latest choir …

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FRINGE 2013: Theatre – I Am My Own Wife – Bakehouse Theatre – 4K

With the prejudiced and homophobic views of both the Nazi and Communist regimes in Germany in the 20th century, the fact that transvestite Charlotte von Mahlsdorf (born Lothar Berfelde in 1928) not only survived but apparently managed to flourish, seems remarkable. I Am My Own Wife follows American playwright Doug Wright as he travels to …

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