FRINGE 2015: Hot Brown Honey – Royal Croquet Club – Ukiyo – 4K

86c98bda67bcb8903a3cb8808957d0feBy Ernest McLeod

Hot Brown Honey is a hilariously entertaining Cabaret with a sweet punch of Hip Hop politics, beat boxing, Polynesian weaving, song, dance and striptease.

This remix of burlesque shatters the stereotypical, as it sensually creates a satirical side splitting political mess. With the explosive energy brought by this ensemble of brown, black and mixed beauties the room feels like a power house in no time.

The creativity of this show is as great as the party atmosphere it builds up until the audience can no longer resist moving to the beats.

At Royal Croquet Club – Ukiyo – until Sunday 15 March.

Rated 18+

Kryztoff Rating   4K

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