FRINGE 2015 – Elvis Hates Me – Producers Warehouse- 3K

1619648_697289827055842_4959792657112979448_nBy Tom Eckert

Elvis Hates Me, a play by McArts is an experience in rapid fire dialogue centering on the internal conflict of personal identity and the existential angst created by the conflict of fame and anonymity. Held in the Producers Warehouse; a painted bare brick back room with a vibe that complimented the alternative feel of the production.

Although slow to warm up and peppered with some timing and delivery issues that lead to some of the harder hitting lines being thrown away and at times a slightly opaque progression of ideas, with a combination of some edgy humour and unique perspective it results in engaging viewing.

Highlights have to be the vital energy, the diverse and distinct characterisations of Craig McArdle and a strong sense of physical and aesthetic style running throughout. By tightening a few screws and with a bit of spit-polish I have no doubt this production would become an incisive and confronting examination of the contemporary human condition and the cult of personality.

Kryztoff Rating    3K


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