Fringe 2015 – VIRADA – TAP. ACROBATICS. PERCUSSION – The Garden of Unearthly Delights – The Factory – 4K

By Tom Eckert

Virada first and foremost is a feel good show. The gently wafting smoke struck through with lights in moody blues and reds combine to create an atmosphere of anticipation primed by the gentle folk blues playing in the background.

From the first drum beat there is a rhythmic pulse that runs through the show; pushed and pulled, but never dropped creating a sort of hanging tension that keeps you from looking away. A strong vaudevillian aesthetic is complimented by contemporary elements shown up under black light and with the insertion of roots elements creates a delightful atmosphere of magic realism.

The show is constructed of a series of wordless vignettes strung together by a loose narrative of recurring military motif and the characters’ discovery of music with a looser relationship to rhythm. This effectively sets the scene for the displays of virtuosity on many fronts showing off a riot of instruments and instrumentality.

The show is paced delightfully and the sheer energy and stage presence of everyone involved keeping the audience rapt. It climaxes spectacularly in a display of rhythmic control and percussive agility. Already a great show in its own right, I can only consider further improvement in stronger characterisation and narrative to make it an element of equal import as the performers abilities as opposed to a mere means to establish the premise of the scene.


Kryztoff Rating: 4K

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