A Bee’s Dick Away FRINGE 2015 4K

Lisa Harper Campbell’s one woman show, a Bee’s Dick Away, begins with a cantankerous teenager bursting into her bedroom and revealing that she was quite close to having never existed.

The play is a frank and humorous discussion of a woman’s right to choose whether or not to have a child and the difficult questions associated.

Lisa’s character begins as an overly articulate and clever teenage girl struggling with the news that her mother almost made the decision not to have her. As the play continues the issue is delved into further and approached from several different angles.

Lisa’s dialogue is at first confronting and raw, but as the play continues she softens and sends ripples of laughter through the audience. Lisa’s acting is superb, carrying the emotions and thoughts of her character exceptionally.

This issue is clearly an important one to her and one she has deliberated on.

This play raises important questions which are too often shied away from in society. The implications of these decisions, one way or the other, can be extensive and it becomes clear that there are insufficient structures in place to help young women make these decisions.

This is an important play, the subject matter and social implications need to be discussed. No longer does a socially progressive play have to be about something as acute as live exports or saving the ocelot. Broader underlying societal issues that are simply overlooked, ignored or not addressed are welcome, especially when they’re discussed with the cheeky wit of Lisa Harper Campbell.


A Bee’s Dick Away is hosted at the Bakehouse Theatre



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