FRINGE 2015 – Tinder Surprise – Goodwood Institute – 4K

Tinder Surprise is a local stage production at the Goodwood Institute. With a simple yet versatile set, characters Mike and Fiona journey through the dangers and disasters of Tinder dates.

While it was a little slow to get started, the show was generally well-written and had a number of memorable, quotable moments. The show improved as it progressed and redeemed itself by the end, as it left the audience in stitches.

As this show is produced, written and directed by a group of friends from a local acting class, each of the supporting characters had quirks and charms that would not be present if played by less experienced performers. Be sure to keep an eye on the waiter, played by Theodore Girgolas, who captured the audience’s attention with his well-timed reactions and mannerisms.

Funny, relatable and charming, this show is thoroughly enjoyable overall and excellent value for the ticket price.

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