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THEATRE PREVIEW – The Matchmaker – Independent Theatre – Goodwood Institute From 5-13 August

The Matchmaker became cinema’s Hello Dolly but the play has always been considered much the better.

THEATRE – Long Day’s Journey into Night – Goodwood Institute – 4.5K

The Fringe and the Festival may be over but don’t go into hibernation if you are a theatre fan. You won’t see much better than this for the rest of the year. The Long Day’s Journey into Night is a trip much worth taking. 4.5K

FRINGE 2015 – Tinder Surprise – Goodwood Institute – 4K

Tinder Surprise is a local stage production at the Goodwood Institute. With a simple yet versatile set, characters Mike and Fiona journey through the dangers and disasters of Tinder dates. While it was a little slow to get started, the show was generally well-written and had a number of memorable, quotable moments. The show improved …

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THEATRE – Independent Theatre 2014 Preview – Master Harold

MASTER HAROLD In this, its 30th birthday year, Independent Theatre is producing not three plays but four.  Having just completed its critically acclaimed production of Bernard Shaw’s CAESAR & CLEOPATRA, the company is turning its attention to South African playwright Athol Fugard’s masterpiece – “MASTER HAROLD” . . . AND THE BOYS. Set in Port …

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