Fringe 2015 – BAZINGA! Nerdlesque Nights – Nexus Cabaret – 4.5K

By Tom Eckert

From the outset it is apparent that sex clearly sells. The venue, not small by any means was packed; with some of the unfortunately late punters relegated standing room by the back of the bar. Bazinga! Is the perfect example of a show finding its niche. Everyone in the room was clearly pumped to be there and there were copious amounts of alternative culture references and thick framed glasses.

Humour is the bedrock of this show and there is a special feeling that you can only get when a sub-culture reference is made, and the entire room laughs its head off, that makes you feel instantly comfortable and at home. And who knew there was so much phallic imagery in a chemistry set.

Run to the pace of a stellar soundtrack and its even more stellar performers, the combination of top notch routines, strong stage presence, audience interaction and a self irreverent humour creates the unusual sensation of a world touring act with the endearing charm of a show put on by some of the local thespian types.

This is a delightful show and it’s no wonder it continues year after year to sell out. The energy, characters and costumes are fantastic. If you were the outcast in high school for your leanings towards cartoons, science fiction and video games, Bazinga! is the, ironically, good clean spirited fun night you’ll enjoy every minute of.

Kryztoff rating: 4.5K

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