FRINGE 2016: Scotch and Soda – 4.5K

With an increasingly large amount of circus and physical theatre options to choose from throughout Fringe season, it can be easy to miss one or two gems in favour of the bigger names. One such show that shouldn’t be missed is Scotch and Soda, an hour-long acrobatic ode to Outback Australia, located in the Panama tent at The Royal Croquet Club.

A jazz-meets-acrobatics experience, Scotch and Soda is an inventive show. With both a five-piece bluegrass and jazz band and a five-person acrobatic troupe, Scotch and Soda manages to fit a lot of character and comedy into its intimate space. The show has a mixture of upbeat jazz tunes and fast-paced performances, as well as slower, more intimate numbers. The five acrobats certainly have a mixture of talents, including trapeze, dance, contortionism, and gymnastics; one highlight of the show was a gasp-inducing stacking act, with an acrobat creating a tower of crates that almost reached the ceiling. There is a comedic thread woven through the show, and the cast members tended to interact with the audience, even performing parts of the show in the middle of the aisle.

The set design and costuming is fantastic; the use of corrugated iron, old crates, suitcases, and mattresses was fantastic, and well-incorporated into the show, even with the use of some instruments, like a homemade bottle-cap stick for percussion. The band were included in the acrobatics, with one memorable act being the marriage of a double-bassist to his instrument.

Although it is mostly a family-friendly event, parents should beware that there is some mild nudity. Despite this, Scotch and Soda is a hilarious, impressive show that is well worth a visit to Victoria Square’s pop-up venue.

Kryztoff Rating: 4.5K

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