Fringe 2016: Zach and Tom – Best Friends – 4.5K

If the real skill of a comedian is to uncover humour where it normally goes unnoticed or overlooked then Zach Zucker and Tom Walker are naturals. Drawing comedy from all sources; from a simple volleyball match to an absurdist interpretation of a tree felling, these two will have you leave with a story to tell and a smile on your face.

From the moment you walk in and see Tom attempting to balance a range of bluetac facial hair on his face you know you are in for something altogether different and bizarrely entertaining. Zach and Tom work with the audience to build humour across the show, the laughs growing with momentum as the show continues.

As you might glean from the title, Zach and Tom are very close and this works wonders on stage. Their comfort with themselves and one another allows them the confidence to make jokes that would otherwise wouldn’t and to revel in them when they go awry. As improvisers, they clearly are accustomed to an imperfect show, but with their chemistry on stage, even their mistakes are enjoyable for the audience. A curtain fall will be saved by a quick throw away line from Tom or a mistimed joke will be caught by Zach’s humorous facial expression. However there was a moment during the church scene where mistimed music and repeated attempts to get the skit going drew the audience out of the madness for a few moments. This seemed somewhat at odds with the free flowing, relaxed attitude the show had built until this point.

This show is laugh out loud funny, the interactions with the audience and the quick wit and good humour of Zach and Tom culminate in a show that demonstrates low budget doesn’t mean low quality. A must see for this year’s fringe for you and your best friend.

Zach and Tom – Best Friends is on every night except Wednesdays at Tuxedo Cat at 6pm

4.5 K

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