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Fringe 2016 Dani Cabs: Poncho Orange – 3.5K

Poncho Orange was a show of firsts. Never before have I had a fringe performer feed me part of a (delicious) mango, nor had I had my face painted, nor joined an entire audience in an orchestrated conga. Dani Cabs creates a hilarious on stage persona for this show, drawing the audience in with well …

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FRINGE 2016: Half Hour Hamlet – 4K

By Amy Nancarrow. Ever been to or read a Shakespeare play and had absolutely no idea what’s going on? Comedian Patrick Hercamp felt it was time that Shakespeare was accessible to the masses, and so Half Hour Hamlet was born. You guessed it: it’s Shakespeare’s famous play wrapped up in half an hour, complete with Hercamp playing …

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Fringe 2016 – Exposing Edith – Spiegeltent – Garden of Unearthly Delights – Rating 5K – Review by Julie Robins

A wonderful cabaret act providing an emotional ride through the life of Edith Piaf via song, storytelling and music.

FRINGE 2016: Mustardseed – 4.5K

By Amy Nancarrow. If you were to search the comedy section of the Fringe guide, you’d be hard pressed to find a show more original in its concept than Ryan Good’s hour-long bedtime story, Mustardseed. Set in the fantastic Tuxedo Cat venue, Mustardseed sets the audience up with beanbags and pillows whilst Good regales them …

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Fringe 2016 – A Simple Space – The Vagabond – The Garden of Unearthly Delights – 5K

By Tom Eckert The first thing that will strike you about a Gravity and Other Myth’s A Simple Space is precisely the simplicity of the space. A small sprung stage and a rug of yellow lights and the performers themselves in muted earthy tones. Don’t mistake this for blandness by any measure rather it is …

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FRINGE 2016 – Without a Hitchcock – 3.5K

By Julia Cudsi On the Fly Inc is an Adelaide improvisation troupe which has been making the rounds for the past few years, providing entertainment which is generally completely without a script and, well, on the fly. Although improv is a genre which best lends itself to hilarity, one of On the Fly’s Fringe 2016 …

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FRINGE 2016: Papillon – 5K

By Amy Nancarrow Having been fortunate enough to see a few physical theatre and circus shows at this year’s Fringe, I thought I’d already seen the best of the bunch – until Papillon, a combination of theatre, circus, cabaret, and comedy, made me laugh, gasp, and look on at these talented performances in awe. Set …

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Fringe 2016: Angus Hodge, Guy Alone – 4K

Angus Hodge has been performing as a stand up comedian for a number of years and is no stranger to the Adelaide Fringe. His latest show: Guy Alone follows the solo, stand up comedy pattern of his previous works however he introduces an entirely new set of jokes. Angus has been performing for a number …

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Fringe 2016: Wayne Carter Teaches You To Be Fabulous – 4K

Wayne Carter returns to his home of Adelaide after several years of living and performing in London to share his hilarious and outrageous stories. From his (mis) adventures at a school camp to his sexcapades through the UK and Europe, Wayne delivers sordid and humorous tales. The show employs a number of musical interludes, all …

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Fringe 2016 – Amelia Ryan is Lady Liberty – The Garden of Unearthly Delights – 3K

By Tom Eckert Amelia Ryan returns to present another evening of song, comedy and personal anecdote. Capitalising on her charm and musical abilities that are not to be sneered at she excites audience members of a more conservative leaning with the thrills of a more lascivious life that could have been. With no shortage of …

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