FRINGE 2016: Beers About Songs – 4.5K


By Amy Nancarrow.

Beers About Songs begins with a toast to the ‘Beer Gods’ – and essentially, that’s what the hour-long show by American comedian and musician Ryan Adam Wells is, woven in among songs about “Dollar Well” nights, Coyote Ugly, and relationships – both good and toxic.

Though very funny, Beers About Songs also feature poignant moments throughout Wells’ college years, including a tale of domestic violence, and the physical abuse he suffered at the hand of his ex-girlfriend. This is interwoven with a three-day trip to Austin, Texas, which culminated with an arrest, blood-covered hands, and bar-top dancing at Coyote Ugly (which, yes, is a real chain of bars).

Wells is charming, funny, and quick-witted. He makes an effort to explain American cultural (and beer-related) references, and rejoices in learning about Australian drinking terminology. He exudes a warmth and openness, and by the end of the show you feel like you’ve known him for years, and have been there every step of the way throughout his two years of abuse, and subsequent recovery. With songs like “You’re a Waste of My Time”, Wells bears his soul, even shedding a tear and being open and honest about his experience. He also implores the audience to help out any human in need, be it friend or stranger, and to particularly watch out for signs of domestic violence.

Beers About Songs is a witty, funny, touching show that shouldn’t be missed. You can catch it at the Producers Garden every night except Monday at 6:15pm.

Kryztoff Rating: 4.5K

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