Dave Thornton – So On and So Forth – Studio 7 – The Garden of Unearthly Delights – 4K

By Olivia Henry


You may recognise Dave Thornton from ABC’s Upper Middle Bogan or Comedy Channel’s Just for Laughs Stand-Up series. Although this is an impressive resume, I knew for sure I would enjoy the show when I approached the box office to pick up my tickets, the lady serving me exclaimed, “oooh!” as she printed them out.


Melbourne-based Thornton is an animated, true-blue Aussie bloke. In his new show, “So On and So Forth,” he strolls onto the stage and immediately starts chatting to the audience. While this is not unusual for stand-up comedy, Thornton’s ability to engage with the audience, combined with his ability to tell a good ol’ yarn makes performer-audience banter that much more entertaining.


The “Thorn-diggity” covers a number of topics, including his recent 10-day vow of silence, disciplining kids and being heckled in public. His tone is genuine and down-to-earth, which makes it feel a little like your best friend is telling you a series of hilarious stories for an hour.


Thornton is a cheeky guy with a knack for storytelling, and would probably be the life of the party when he’s not on stage. While the Fringe is wrapping up, you can catch him for one more show, tonight at 7PM.



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