by Riccardo Barone 


“Who knows what they do with these cucumbers wrapped into plastic before they sell to us.”

Sold out, and the the public really couldn’t stop laughing. It is not at all a show particularly for old people. Everyone is captured by the flowing and looking forward to the next story.

Stories of life, life of an artist, artist that shows and tells without shame what’s going on behind the scenes, while eating at the restaurant or driving the car, going shopping or just walking around the corner.

Appearing on the stage dressed like a cyclist and progressively changing his clothes while storytelling made everyone feel strongly connected to the actor, as though we are old friends of his and we are sitting on the lounge of his place and he’s just telling us how his day’s been.

The dimension of an artist’s life becomes familiar to us therefore breaks the barrier between the audience and the actor showing us how they can be so part of us and still being part of our world.

Kryztoff Rating  5K


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