FRINGE 2017: The Run Down on the Runners Up – Nexus Arts Centre – 4K

by Tom Eckert


As much music trivia as performance, Voice of Transition give the modern vocal treatment to some of the best second-best songs of the last thirty years (with a few throw ins from an earlier time.)

Tight harmonies and impeccable balance characterise this group’s performance as well as an impressive dynamic range. Each performer seems to be an accomplished soloist in their own right, going to town on songs like RESPECT, a cover of Skinny Love and the classic At Last. But their ensemble work is where it is most impressive with pitch perfect acapella and smooth moving parts all the better to highlight the clever, neat and original arrangements.

All of this is supported by a more than competent band who demonstrated flair and charisma and a delicate moment-to-moment responsiveness to the group they were supporting.

When backing soloists, the support singers would have benefited from showing the microphones a bit more love so that their parts were better picked up, and whilst the tempos initially leaned towards allegro they eventually settled into a more comfortable pace. The use of a cajon may have been a touch heavy handed in some of the quieter segments but added a nice impact to the peaks and choruses.

Kudos must go to the solitary bass singer who did a sterling job of holding up his part single-handedly. And it is probably still safe to say that this is the best looking vocal group around town.


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