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Adelaide Cabaret Festival – The Composer is Dead – 4K

By Amy Nancarrow. Frank Woodley returns to Adelaide in all his slapstick comedy glory in The Composer is Dead. Teaming up with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, “Inspector” Woodley works his way through the various sections of the band, trying to figure out who murdered the composer of the orchestra’s waltz. He investigate the strings, brass, woodwinds …

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CABARET FESTIVAL: My Vagabond Boat – Banquet Room – 3.5K

Three highly talented Australian cabaret artists, Rowan Witt, Gillian Cosgriff and Nigel Ubrihien, have come together with fellow writer Stephen Anderson, under the direction of Andrew Ross, to bring the world premiere of My Vagabond Boat, to Adelaide audiences, this Cabaret Festival. Opening with a delightful mash-up of songs relating to “rocking”, the scene is …

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The powerful vocal performance displayed by Menzel emphasized her professionalism in being a renowned musical theatre actress throughout the years. 5K

Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2013 – Tom Burlinson – Now We’re Swinging

If you are a fan of swing, this is a show worth watching. But if you’re not – pick something else from the line-up. 3K

CAB FEST 2013 – Bernadette Robinson: In Concert – 4K

The show is a little too similar to Songs for Nobodies, but it is easy to be swept away by the extraordinary talent that is Bernadette Robinson. 4K

CABARET FESTIVAL – The Paul Capsis Revue – 4K

There is no doubt, Paul Capsis guarantees entertainment. 4K

Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2013 – Love. War. Death. Brel – Space Theatre

For many, Jacques Brel is synonymous with raw, dark cabaret which exudes despair, fear, loneliness and black humour. This atmosphere was heightened in the especially set-up Space Theatre, which was only lacking thick clouds of cigarette smoke and weeping sailors to completely transform it into a mid-century Parisian or Brusselier nightclub. Helen Morse, doyenne of …

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Adelaide Cabaret Festival – Kristin Chenoweth – Festival Theatre

I knew pretty early on in the show that the pint-sized star of stage and screen would blow my socks off. Despite standing a mere 4 foot 11, Kristin Chenoweth owned the stage within seconds of stalking onto it in a tiny dress and enormous heels. Known to most as the ‘Good Witch’ Glinda from …

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CABARET: Tripod – Men of Substance – Banquet Room – 4K

Adult is not usually one of the words you’d choose to use to describe Tripod. However, that’s what their latest show, Men of Substance, centres on – what awaits when you leave your youth behind and become “an adult”. Of course, getting older doesn’t necessarily mean that you get more mature, as illustrated perfectly by …

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CABARET: Tim Freedman – Dunstan Playhouse – 4.5K

Freedman’s songs may not get played on Triple J anymore but he obviously still has a very strong fan base – one which crosses several generations and is happy to see him play in a variety of show styles. This was a chance to hear his fine music in a more refined setting and he provided a great evening of entertainment. 4.5K