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Cheap Tickets – Stereosonic & Summadayze – Adelaide – Available Now

Kryztoff has cheap tix for both Stereosonic and Summadayze available now. Check blog for details on how to pay via Paypal or Cash.

Arts In Adelaide – Ed 2 – 4th October

The second edition of Kryztoff’s Arts In Adelaide is now out – see the post for the link

Arts In Adelaide – Ed 1 – 24 Sept

Arts in Adelaide is a new arts program for Adelaide. Check out edition 1 here and the various links in the blog post about the various artists.

Feature – We need to talk about travel – By Rupert Hogan Turner

It used to be a privilege, we young, hostel faring Australians were only lightly peppered around the globe. However, some mongrel has unscrewed the lid and now we saturate the international hostel pallet and we are not doing a very good job of it.

More Information With… Anthony Kupinic (Pludo/ex-A Sound Mind)

“Street performers! The other day I met a magician who taught me how to spin a toothbrush around my finger. It looks impossible! The first time I saw it I was like “What the hell?” I love seeing stuff I’ve never seen before.”

Interview with Anthony Kupinic (Pludo/ex-A Sound Mind)

“Everything has its pros and cons. What I have learnt from this record is that for the actual writing and putting it all together, I work far better on my own. I can do a track in three-to-four days and love it. If it’s co-written, it can take over a month and I still won’t be happy with it.”

GuitarART – Register by July 2

Are you an emerging artist aged 16-30 years? Submit your creative concept for your chance to be part of GuitarART! Selected artists will be given a guitar to bring their vision to life. Paint, sculpt, embellish, mould – get creative and have your work exhibited at Adelaide Festival Centre during the Adelaide International Guitar Festival. See post for details and links

SA State Budget Review

The day of reckoning looms but unlike with the State Bank when it comes there will be nothing left to sell to pay back the indulgences. $27b of new financial liabilities by 2016 plus a further $12b for the new RAH after that.

Bickfords Now Offers Cranberry Juice Cordial

Renowned for their purity and quality, the tradition continues with the launch of Bickford’s new Cranberry Juice Cordial, bringing a fresh new taste to the portfolio. Check out post for link to cocktail recipes.

FRINGE EDITORIAL – In 2012, The Great Fear About Annual Fringes Has Became A Reality

When the Fringe went annual, the great concern was that at some point it would all lose its sparkle and freshness and the excitement that biennial festivals bring. Despite the hero talk of the Fringe Office about every increasing ticket sales and the like, in 2012 those fears have indeed been realised.