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What has brought this to a head of course is the failure of the SMA’s marketing campaign to sell its Ultimate and corporate packages. The problem this whole thing has and which even Premier Rann recognised back in 2009 is that there is no agreement on anything much between any of the parties.

SA State Budget Review

The day of reckoning looms but unlike with the State Bank when it comes there will be nothing left to sell to pay back the indulgences. $27b of new financial liabilities by 2016 plus a further $12b for the new RAH after that.

RAW: Adelaide Oval Update – Costs Blow Out

Kryztoff understands from well placed sources that the quantity surveyors have reported to the Government that in their view the works will now cost between $700m and $800m and this doesn’t include the footbridge. So one can now confidently predict the costs of the announcement the Labor Party had to have are double the original estimates.

RAW: Port At Adelaide Oval. Great Day But No Endorsement of Need To Spend $535m

However those who said this was a ringing endorsement of the Government’s plans to spend $535m need to think again. The reality was this fixture gave no support for the proposition that Adelaide needs a 50,000 seat stadium, for even after all the hoopla, media support, fine weather and novelty, the crowd in attendance of 29,340 failed to reach the average expected every Port game from 2015 onwards in the now somewhat discredited Centre for Economic Studies modelling.

RAW: SANFL – The Gravy Trains That Keeps Chugging Along

When one looks at the SANFL cash flow statement over the past five years, the net cash generated from its operations has declined from $6.26m to -$0.618m, a turnaround of $6.8m. With further declines in crowds and events, one can only imagine this year’s results will be yet worse. So what has the SANFL done about it? Complain mostly it seems.

RAW: Oh, So This Is What SACA Members Voted For

Ah, the new world of AFL at Adelaide Oval has arrived and as suspected by the whinging naysayers it is not looking anything like it was talked up that it was going to be.

RAW: Adelaide Oval – Casino To Pull Out – The Age Reports

Ashley Porter has posted an article on The Age website this morning announcing that the Skycity Board will not proceed with the planned redevelopment here, extedning the building to the Torrens and building the footbridge.

RAW: As Port Teeters, So Does Adelaide Oval. Here’s Why.

But with the returns from Adelaide Oval to the SANFL greatly reduced as a part of the ‘new deal’ that saves Port will they wish to be a part of it all? It took a lot of money and cajoling to get them as far as they did at the start of this month. Now that it is about to blow up in their faces, will they wish to back out and plough on with the Crows only at Football Park?

RAW: How The SANFL Is Also Being Stitched Up By The Adelaide Oval Deal

That now near infamous telephone call placed by AFL Chief Andrew Demetriou with SACA President, Ian McLachlan, in August 2007 may well go down as the most pivotal moment in this State’s sport.

RAW: Is SA Broke Already? – The Mess That Is Super SA – Part I

An examination of the State owned and managed South Australian Superannuation Scheme (SASS) suggests the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) has rained down upon us losses that rival those of the State Bank of the late 1980s / early 1990s, greatly impacting on the State’s ability to meet its future commitments.