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FRINGE – Lawrence Mooney – Pretty Funny – 4K

While Mooney’s subject matter is relatable, it is certainly not for the easily offended. He covers a wide range of topics including personal hygiene, sex, relationships, politics and even disability. 4K

ADELAIDE FRINGE 2013 – All Washed Up! – 4K

By Anthony Nguyen   In a fantastic opening musical number displaying the evident musically trained voices, the self-proclaimed ‘bad boys of musical theatre’ make a splash into the Adelaide Fringe with an uplifting musical comedy show titled All Washed Up! The comedy duo consists of: Andrew, a tall, happy-go-lucky and often narcissistic man, and his …

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ADELAIDE FRINGE 2013 – Smart Casual: The Older Brother (aka The Curse of Doug) – 3.5K

By Anthony Nguyen   Donned in their adult-sized school uniforms, droll Roger David and his more musically talented half-brother Fletcher Jones opened in an awkward yet weirdly entertaining entrance to their new Adelaide Fringe show Smart Casual: The Older Brother (a.k.a. The Curse of Doug). The comedy duo reminisce with a hilarious recount on the …

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ADELAIDE FRINGE 2013 – Les Deux Amis – presented by Jean Francois Gavanon

It was pleasing to see a show as unique and eccentric as Les Deux Amis, a recitation of various fables from the 17th century French poet Jean de la Fontaine – in French – play to a sell-out crowd during the Fringe. Performed by Jean Francois Gavanon, in countless different guises including a monkey, a …

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ADELAIDE FRINGE 2013 – Lady Sings It Better – 4.5K

By Anthony Nguyen Donning their pink tutus, snazzy bowties and sassy feminist attitudes, the all-female all-singing all-harmonizing cast of Lady Sings It Better graces the stage in their sold-out opening show of the 2013 Adelaide Fringe. With a performing cast consisting of five talented ladies: Maeve Marsden, Libby Wood, Belinda Crawford, Monique Potter, and Anna …

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ADELAIDE FRINGE 2013 – UniSA Gear Up 2013 – 3K

By Anthony Nguyen   The University of South Australia kicked of the new academic year with its first annual UniSA Gear Up music and arts festival as part of its O’Week festivities on the 27th of February this year. Two stages, located on George Street and the Lion’s Courtyard, housed the performances of over 20 …

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FRINGE 2013 Victoria Healy’s Anatomy – Gluttony – 2.5K

By Vincent Coleman Victoria Healy is a female comedian. There is an awful stereotype around female comedians, that being that they are either a) not funny, or b) they are funny, at the expense of their own dignity. Personally, I disagree with both of these sentiments. Women can be, and often are, funny as fuck. …

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ADELAIDE FRINGE 2013 – A Circus Affair – 3K

By Anthony Nguyen Weaving in a mix of circus, comedy and romance, comes the whimsical story of A Circus Affair, produced by the Australian-based circus company, Circosis. A duo performance from lovable characters Mr Kiko (Andrew Cook) and Sarita (Sarah Mason), it tells the story of two aspiring performers who take on the world whilst …

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Adelaide Fringe 2013 – The Good, the Bad and the Ethnic – The Arkaba

If you come from an ethnic background, have a partner who comes from an ethnic background or have ever met somebody from an ethnic background, then you will surely find this show hilarious. Featuring internationally acclaimed Joe Avati, Tahir and Rob Shehadie (both from side-splitting TV show Fat Pizza) and Greek American comedian Basile, this …

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Adelaide Fringe 2013 – 3 Acquaintances – The Crown and Anchor

Someone recently said to me that there is so much comedy in the Adelaide Fringe in 2013 that there should be a separate comedy festival – and I am inclined to agree with them. The Adelaide Fringe has three distinct tiers of comedy now – the top national and international comedians who command sell-out shows …

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