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Mar 14

FRINGE 2017 – COMEDY – Sam Peterson: Sammy P Has Friends/Creationism with Fiona O’Loughlin – 3K

Creationism (Formerly Sammy P Has Friends) is a situational/sketch comedy stage show at Adelaide’s beloved Rhino Room. It features God’s chosen angels, Sam and Fiona, discussing the creation of the world as it unfolds over seven days. The angels create things like sleep, regret and kangaroos, and discuss the effects of these things on humans. …

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Mar 04

FRINGE 2016: Amos Gill – Netflix and Gill – 4.5K


By Anthony Nguyen More commonly known from hit107’s breakfast show, Amos Gill steps away from the radio and presents his comedy show Netflix and Chill for the 2016 Adelaide Fringe. Born and raised in South Australia, Gill has earned many nominations for his past standup comedy work including Best Emerging Comedian at the 2013 Melbourne …

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Mar 03

Fringe 2016: Angus Hodge, Guy Alone – 4K

Angus Hodge has been performing as a stand up comedian for a number of years and is no stranger to the Adelaide Fringe. His latest show: Guy Alone follows the solo, stand up comedy pattern of his previous works however he introduces an entirely new set of jokes. Angus has been performing for a number …

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Feb 14

FRINGE – Lawrence Mooney – Pretty Funny – 4K

While Mooney’s subject matter is relatable, it is certainly not for the easily offended. He covers a wide range of topics including personal hygiene, sex, relationships, politics and even disability. 4K

Mar 19

ADELAIDE FRINGE 2013 – Smart Casual: The Older Brother (aka The Curse of Doug) – 3.5K

By Anthony Nguyen   Donned in their adult-sized school uniforms, droll Roger David and his more musically talented half-brother Fletcher Jones opened in an awkward yet weirdly entertaining entrance to their new Adelaide Fringe show Smart Casual: The Older Brother (a.k.a. The Curse of Doug). The comedy duo reminisce with a hilarious recount on the …

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Feb 24

FRINGE – Tom Ballard – Rhino Room – 4K

It is pleasing that amidst the great cynicism about the interest of Australia’ s youth in national affairs, there is one 22 year old who not only gets off on politics but is also very funny about it. Tom Ballard is that man and he is great.

Mar 21

FRINGE: Beer And Loathing – Rhino Room (Beer Garden) – 4.5K

From our quaint politicians and their ethical dilemmas to a general sh*t on the liver session about most things happening in this country, Brooks is the funny guy in the bar that draws a crowd that just wants to hang there hoping that his fun never finishes. 4.5K

Mar 05

FRINGE: Hannah Gadsby – Rhino Room – 2.5K

Mrs. Chuckles is undoubtedly an entertaining show, and I can honestly say that I chuckled at least once, but I would advise anyone who is keen for some real ‘side-splitting’ humour to keep looking. 2.5K

Mar 03

FRINGE – Comedy – Deanne Smith: About Freakin’ Time – Rhino Room – 4.5K

In a rare feat for a comedian, Deanne Smith delivers exactly what her Fringe advertising says she will. She does this in a friendly and engaging manner that makes her very easy to like. It is a consistently amusing and enjoyable offering. 4.5K

Feb 18

FRINGE: Dave Callan – Radio Gaga – Rhino Room – 3.5K

Overall a very funny, if somewhat underappreciated show. I definitely advise you to go and see his next performance. Ask him to do the ‘single ladies dance’, you won’t regret it. 3.5K

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