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Fringe 2016 – Unplotted Potter – 4.5K

By Julia Cudsi A Scriptease offering for the 2016 Fringe, Unplotted Potter follows the trend of a fully improvised, hour-long show. The premise of this performance is to select at random three names of obscure characters from the Harry Potter stories, let the audience pick one and then tell that character’s story in a completely improvised play. Now, full disclosure – this …

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Fringe 2016 – Burlesque Idol – Nexus Arts Theatre – 4K

It’s not often you’ll see a burlesque Dr Who performance – or for that matter a feather dance. But Burlesque Idol brought us all this and much more. Technically the performance was excellent – each participant had to apply and be accepted into the Adelaide heat. The audience was given a phenomenal show with laughs, …

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