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THEATRE – Singing in the Rain – Festival Theatre – 4K

It all makes for an enormously enjoyable night with women very much in the majority in the audience; so men be prepared to sail along with the tide. 4K

CATS – Festival Theatre – 4.5K

Cats is great fun, a joy for all ages and given its rarity in this town an event not to be missed – musical theatre of this richness is a privilege not a right. 4.5K

CABARET FESTIVAL – The Glen Miller Orchestra – The Festival Theatre – 2K

By Tom Eckert The Glen Miller Orchestra, a Goliath from an era past. As a young jazz lover I must admit I was glad to have the chance to see this band (or at least the band ten or so iterations away from the original 1938 lineup). A sentiment, it would seem, that was shared …

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CABARET: Perfect Tripod – Festival Theatre – 4K

Perfect Tripod is the marrying of musical comedy trio Tripod (Scott Edgar, Simon Hall and Steven Gates), with actor, comedian and composer Eddie Perfect, to create a group that reimagines Australian songs in enchanting, almost entirely a cappella, four-part harmonies. From The Bee Gees to Silverchair, this quartet adds their own flavour to some well-known …

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OzAsia – Extreme JUMP – Festival Theatre – 5K

JUMP is back and more Extreme. Produced by Yegam Theatre Company, Soul, Korea, it is a gravity defying show which since it’s inception has grown into a global production, touring more than 30 countries and during that time amassed plenty of well earned awards. Having had it’s Australian Premiere at Adelaide’s OzAsia Festival in 2010 …

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FESTIVAL – A Streetcar – Festival Theatre – 2K

At the end of the day, a play stands or falls on its message but when an audience has to struggle so hard to make head or tail of what is happening, no amount of fancy bathroomware, video or histrionics can close the gap. This Streetcar simply left its audience behind. 2K

RAW: Shaolin Warriors – OzAsia @ The Festival Theatre

The Shaolin Warriors are one of the highlights of this year’s OzAsia Festival at the Festival Theatre for only 2 nights. Calling this an energetic show may be somewhat of an understatement. Full of kicks, jumps, thumps and punches this display of agility and coordination with lightning fast speed tells the story of a young …

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