FRINGE – Somewhere Between the Worlds – Nexus – 3.5K

By Anthony Nguyen

Featuring the bouzouki, a seldom seen lute of Greek origins, in combination with a wide array of instruments, The Moor Rose creates a sensational musical journey which is accompanied visually by a duo of skilled tribal belly dancers.

Formed only just last year, The Moor Rose, made up of singer-songwriter Stuart Haines and cellist David Rose, perform a series of original songs such as Stepping Stones and Li Sula, in their two-time Fringe performance of Somewhere Between the Worlds.

Using wide unorthodox combinations of instruments, The Moor Rose create a unique musical performance which you would seldom hear anywhere else.  Songs are played with professional instrumentalisation and are influenced by an array of many genres giving them a pleasant mix of folk and influences of Greek, Spanish and Arabic origins.

Complementing the performance was Anne Harrington who didn’t fail to display advanced skills with various percussion instruments and Maarten Ryder, his combination of double bass and woodwind, which only added to the music’s intensity. The performance didn’t stop short as the belly dancing duo graced the stage with spirit and energy using various props such as a sword and a pair of fans.

If you enjoy a different style of music than most of those offered at the Adelaide Fringe, then Somewhere Between the Worlds is a great show that has its final show on March 10th at the Nexus Cabaret. So grab some beer or wine, and sit back enjoying the brilliant instrumentals as well as the rhythmic belly dancing.

Kryztoff Rating    3.5K


  1. I was in the audience for the Somewhere between the worlds first night and thoroughly enjoyed the friendly but thoroughly professional entertainment.A wonderful blend of soul touching music and fantastic belly dancing!

  2. pity that the reviewer didn,t extend the same courtesy of naming to the bellydancers as was done to the other performers! For the record the dancers perform as The Zali Duo and are Tricia Catford and Cathy Phillips. Well done everyone was a great nights entertainment.

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